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Social services contract register

Use the social services contract register to:

  • look at information on social services contracts that government has with social sector service providers.
  • monitor contracts
  • carry out an audit or accreditation
  • develop performance measures 

Go to the social sector contract register

Read the acceptable use policy

Access to the register

Contact your agency administrator if you want access to the register.


Administrator contact

Ministry of Social Development

Calvin Pleydell
Michelle Warner

Department of Corrections

Sean Davies
Rodette Villavicencio

Ministry of Justice

Hilary Tucker

Ministry of Education

Holly Marshall

Nigel Richardson

Ministry of Health

Operations Support


Need help?

Refer to the agency user guide for help with using the register and tips for troubleshooting

If you need further assistance, get in touch with your agency administrator for support.

Report a fault 

Ph: 0508 438 743



Last updated 7 August 2017