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Contract templates and tools

Collectively known as the Streamlined Contracting Framework, these templates and tools were designed as part of a 2012 pilot project and then implemented by a cross agency project from 2013. The design process drew heavily on existing good practice and learnings from departments and social services providers with the objective of implementing a consistent contracting approach and streamlining contract management.

Find the second edition templates below.


Outcome Agreement (OA)

The OA is a contractual document between a government agency and an NGO and details the specific services, pricing, reporting, etc.

The Framework Terms and Conditions (FTC) are incorporated by reference into each OA. The OA template also includes provision for documenting any additional terms to the standard FTC, required following assessment of the provider and services using the Decision Support Tool (DST).

Framework Terms and Conditions (FTC)

The FTC is a standard, web-based set of general terms and conditions. These are incorporated by reference in all Outcome Agreements between government agencies (Purchasing Agencies) and NGOs (Providers). This approach maintains the benefit of standard terms and conditions used across all Purchasing Agencies. As the FTC is web-based, there is no need to physically sign this document.


Variation templates

Use these variation templates to make agreed changes to the Outcome Agreement. There is one template for changes to an Outcome Agreement (Bi-lateral) and two templates for variations to an Outcome Agreement (Integrated). The first is for variations affecting a single Purchasing Agency and the Provider. The second is for variations affecting two or more of the Purchasing Agencies and the Provider.

Outcome Agreement Management Plan Template

The Outcome Agreement Management Plan (OAMP) is a core component of the Streamlined Contracting with NGOs Contracting Framework. It is a contract management tool to support the operational management of the Outcome Agreement. It does not contain any contract obligations.

Using the OAMP is optional, particularly for low value, short duration engagements (i.e. less than NZ$50,000 in value and less than six months in duration). However, as part of good contract management practice, we strongly encourage you to use it – particularly for larger value, longer term or more complex arrangements such as Outcome Agreement with multiple funders or service lines.

Amend the OAMP to suit the contract. Delete sections which are not required for lower value or lower risk services. You can also add information as required. An example of a short OAMP is included below.



Decision Support Tool

Use the Decision Support Tool (DST) for a consistent and robust approach to identifying and managing risks when planning to enter into an Outcome Agreement with an NGO.

The DST helps government agencies develop an overall picture of an NGO in relation to the proposed services to be purchased, and ensure the proposed contracting and contract management approach is appropriate for the risks identified. It is important to note the DST is designed to be used after a government agency has decided to enter into an agreement with an NGO. The DST is not suitable for selecting a provider through a competitive selection process.

Download the Decision Support Tool and user guide

Results Based Accountability™

Results Based Accountability (RBA) is incorporated within the Streamlined Contracting Framework as a mechanism to support an increased focus on outcomes in government contracting.

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Archived templates

The second edition templates have superseded the first edition templates. If you need to access any of the first edition templates you will find them here.

Last updated 29 May 2017