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Are you eligible?

Agencies within the State Sector, as well as Local Authorities, and State funded schools (together, the New Zealand Public Sector) are eligible to buy from AoG contracts, Common Capability contracts and Syndicated Common Use contracts (Collaborative Contracts).

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Check what options are available

  • Information on the sector
  • Provider community analysis (including capability and capacity)
  • Information on related contracts
  • Costs of current service
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Identify who the Lead Agency is on your chosen contract(s) and make contact

  • Whether collaboration is possible
  • Choosing a service model
  • Engaging with providers
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Sign the Lead Agency's Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This binds you to confidentiality, allowing you to receive the contract and related commercially sensitive information.

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Access the contract

Review the Open Syndicated contract and determine its suitability for your requirements. If it substantially meets your requirements but requires some tailoring, in many cases a variation can be agreed.

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Sign a Letter of Accession (LoA) (or similar) with Lead Agency

This is an agreement between the Participating and Lead Agencies to formalise access to the contract and confirm acceptance of the associated terms and conditions.

The Lead Agency will send you the LoA.

Once you are confirmed as a Participating Agency, the Lead Agency will put you in touch with the Supplier(s).

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Secondary Review Process (not always applicable)

If the Open Syndicated contract has a panel of suppliers, you will need to determine which supplier from the panel can best meet your agency’s needs.

If the contract doesn’t have an established Secondary Review Process then you can use whatever metrics are relevant to your requirements, and in line with the Government Rules of Sourcing, to determine which supplier you will engage with e.g. use a Statement of Work for suppliers to quote on.

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Engage with the Supplier

You can now send the selected supplier a Statement of Work, Purchase Order, or similar.

This will establish your contractual and operational relationship with the supplier.



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Last updated 21 October 2016