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Syndicated contracts

Syndicated Contracts typically involve a group of agencies aggregating their respective needs and collectively going to market for goods, services or works.

There are two types of Syndicated Contracts:

  1. Open Syndicated Contract includes a common use provision allowing other, unspecified agencies to contract with the supplier on the same terms at a later stage.
  2. Closed Syndicated Contract is limited to a group of named agencies.

Contracts register

You can find a list of all current and upcoming Syndicated contracts on our Contracts Register.


The joining process takes you through what you need to do before you can purchase off Open Syndicated contracts.

Establishing a Syndicated Contract

If you don’t find a contract suitable to your needs on the Contracts Register, you may want to consider creating a Syndicated contract.

Engage with us early as we support government agencies setting up collaborative procurement initiatives with a three-part review process. Agencies will need to submit documentation to MBIE at each part of the review process, and receive approval to progress to the next part. We have compiled a list of criteria to assist agencies in the development of their documentation.

For a high level summary of the key actions and support you have available when creating a Syndicated Contract, refer to the 
Syndicated Procurement: Quick Guide [412KB PDF].


Collaborative procurement review process and criteria

You can use the following criteria to develop your documentation for the review process. 

The criteria help agencies consider if their initiatives will deliver stated objectives, provide value for money, and align with best procurement practice and government priorities. The MBIE review process will use these criteria as guidelines to review the documentation government agencies submit at each part of the review process.

Refer to the Quick Guide above for when documentation needs to be submitted to MBIE.

Part 1: Planning

Part 2: Sourcing

Part 3: Evaluation report and Contract



Email if you require further information or support on Syndicated contracts.

Last updated 15 June 2017