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Joining AoG contracts

Follow this joining process if you are interested in buying off an AoG contract.

Note - If you're already participating in an AoG contract and have signed the AoG Non Disclosure Agreement, start at the third step, login to inSource.


Are you eligible?

Agencies within the State Sector, as well as Local Authorities and State funded schools (together, the New Zealand Public Sector) are eligible to buy from AoG contracts, Common Capability contracts and Syndicated Common Use contracts (Collaborative Contracts).

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Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Agencies who have not yet signed up to an AoG contract must sign and return a NDA before they can access confidential information relating to AoG contracts.

Email to request a NDA or to confirm whether your agency has already signed one.

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Login to inSource

Once NZGP has the signed NDA, you will be issued with a login to inSource; the secure online library that hosts all of the confidential information, tools and guidance (including pricing and other commercial details) relating to the contract.

If you’re having trouble accessing inSource, email

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Assess your business requirements against the contract offering

Using the information, tools and guidance available in inSource, consider your procurement needs and how the contract can best meet your government agency’s business requirements.

Consider your existing contracts when assessing the validity of the AoG contract for your business needs.

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Read the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Each AoG contract has a specific MoU, which sets out the relationship between the CoE and Participating Agencies. It highlights the responsibilities and obligations of each party and the key points in the contract as they relate to Participating Agencies.

You will find the MoU on inSource.

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Sign a Letter of Accession (LoA)

By signing a LoA, agencies agree to the terms and conditions of the MoU and the related AoG contract. This allows agencies to access the contract.

inSource contains more information on obtaining the LoA.

Agencies need to sign a specific LoA for each individual AoG contract they wish to join. While there is no limit to the number of contracts an agency can join, a new LoA will need to be signed upon renewal of any existing and new AoG contracts.


Last updated 29 July 2015