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All-of-Government contracts

All-of-Government (AoG contracts harness the collective purchasing power of government by establishing single supply agreements for selected common goods and services. AoG contracts account for around 2% of government spend with third party suppliers and are designed to improve engagement with suppliers. 

They also go some way to standardise procurement engagement with government, reduce transaction costs and improve overall service quality for government and suppliers alike. They deliver high quality products and services to government and value for money for the New Zealand taxpayer.


The joining process takes you through what you need to do before you can purchase off AoG contracts.


Use the information available in inSource, including current supplier contact details, pricing, tools and resources to consider how each AoG contract can best meet your government agency’s business requirements.

Information in inSource is commercially sensitive and you will need to register to receive access.


Each AoG contract is managed by a Centre of Expertise (CoE). The CoE manages the development, negotiation, supplier performance, and on-going contract management of their respective AoG contracts.

The CoE can help you assess the value that each contract can deliver for your agency both at implementation phase and throughout the life of the contract. This could include general advice relating to the contract, assistance with analysis of the savings your agency can achieve through the contract as well as additional value that can be achieved through best practice purchasing.

The contract details for each contracts' CoE is on the contract's page, as listed in the left hand menu.

Administration fee

Most AoG contracts includes an administration fee. This fee is a simple, effective and transparent way of recovering the cost of developing, sourcing, implementing and managing AoG contracts and represents a small portion of the savings generated for agencies through the contract(s). The administration fee is paid by the agency. Suppliers collect the fee on behalf of MBIE and remit it to MBIE on a quarterly basis. Agencies are not required to make any direct payment to MBIE.

Standard Reporting Methodology

A Standard Reporting Methodology for AoG contracts has been introduced to ensure we provide accurate and robust reports about savings. We apply different methodologies to contracts for products, and contracts for services.

Read the Standard Reporting Methodologies [517KB PDF].


Agency Dashboard Report

Email for information on your agency’s uptake of AoG contracts, the relevant spend for each contract, and the calculated savings achieved.


For queries on joining and purchasing off AoG contracts, contact the contract's CoE directly. Each CoE's contact details can be found on their contract's webpage.

Contact us at if you require further information on AoG contracts.

Last updated 7 July 2017