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Common Capability contracts

Common Capability (CC) contracts establish various supply agreements with approved suppliers for selected common goods or services or works purchased across government.

CC contracts:

  • Exist to support a strategic government objective, or to mitigate significant risk
  • Have requirements related to most or all government agencies
  • Typically address strategic spending
  • May involve significant government spending
  • May be established by a Functional Leader (FL) or by another lead agency (Appointed Lead Agency) that is approved and overseen by the FL, with prior approval from the Procurement FL

The FLs are:

  • The Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, responsible for Government procurement reform and the Government National Property reform strategy.
  • The Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs / Chief Government Information Officer, responsible for the ICT Strategy and Action plan.

The relevant FL will identify the government’s needs and what services are required to meet those needs. It will then go to market for those services on behalf of government agencies.

For example, Government ICT common capabilities allow agencies to share ICT investment and pool resources. This reduces duplicated investments and leads to shared ICT costs across the system. Sharing scarce resources helps individual agencies run efficient ICT systems and releases their resources to focus on creating better public services, instead of maintaining many versions of similar technology across multiple agencies.


You can use our decision map to find out if you are eligible for Common Capability contracts

Contracts Register

You can find a list of all current common capability contracts on our Contracts Register.

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For a quick guide as to which Common Capabilities may apply to your agency, refer to Rule 57 of the Government Rules of Sourcing.


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Last updated 20 June 2016